We Are Back!

We are back on the road after almost two years. This trip will probably only be about three months long but we are going to some new states so I thought I’d continue the blog. Our itinerary is a long weekend in Austin, Texas with our friend Kim Kostka who recently moved to Austin from Orange County. After that we will be meandering to New Orleans. Travis and his friend, Nic, will be flying down from Nashville to join us. Then we will travel to Santa Rosa Beach on the Florida Panhandle to join Travis and Jessica and the kids for their spring break. From there we will travel north to Nashville and camp in their back yard until they are sick of us. After that we will travel around the western part of Kentucky which we missed in 2016, and then enjoy Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Missouri, the four states in the middle of the country that we missed.

We are trying to figure out how to do the blog (of course they have updated the software and changed everything) and John is trying to figure out the Roku, trying soooo hard not to ask our kids for help. I know. First world problems.

The first part of our journey was a little different since we’ve moved to San Clemente and google maps sent us to San Diego and then across on the 8.

We are not in California!

Camping for the night in a Walmart parking lot. We have all we need!
This is an image from 4 years ago driving through Texas.. It was beautiful and exciting even though it took us 10 hours to drive 220 miles.
This was today. Not as beautiful and a pretty boring drive!

We are spending the night in a Walmart parking lot in Fredericksburg, Texas and then on to Austin tomorrow!

And, I messed up my weather widget on the blog so waiting for my internet guru (Travis) to get back from a business trip to fix it for me! So much for trying to be technology independent.

8 thoughts on “We Are Back!

  1. Glad to have you back. I’ll be following your journey as you travel. Praying for your safety and for a joyful time with friends and family. ♥

  2. This is very cool – I am excited and jealous at the same time – I love that you share these wonderful experiences with us. Safe fun journey and thank God our kids are technology savvy and so willing to help us out. 🙂

  3. Miss you already! I was in New Orleans last weekend for my Aunt’s funeral! I hit the beginning of Mardi gras! Hope you get to enjoy some of it! Try the King Cake if you can!!!
    ♥️ Bonnie

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