New Orleans

I’ll start out by updating ya’all (can you tell we’ve been in the South?) on our thoughts about the Coronavirus. We are trying to take a balanced approach, being wise based on the best info we can get but not panicking when we shouldn’t. So we are taking one day at a time and will change plans as needed. For example, we spent the day in the city and were planning a second day but decided not to do that. Instead, we went to a preserve in the swamp outside of town and walked on trails. We had minimal contact with people.

Listening to street music is a highlight for us.

We had a fabulous day at the Barataria Preserve just outside of New Orleans. It was the perfect way to avoid crowds.

We wanted to see alligators and we were not disappointed. These guys (or girls) were about 3 feet away from us. But they were not too bothered by us. They seemed to be enjoying a nap in the sunshine. To put this in context they were about 5’ long so not too scary. The walkway is in the foreground and where they were laying was almost level with the walkway. We saw about six or seven more alligators along our walk. Carol Brushwyler, you would have loved it!. Not.
Loving the Spanish Moss.

We are leaving tomorrow and taking two days to get to Santa Rosa beach, Florida. I’m reading a book and the author mentioned a needlepoint he always saw at his grandma’s house when he was a kid. It said “Man plans, God laughs”. A good reminder to hold on to our plans very loosely.

4 thoughts on “New Orleans

  1. looks so cool there. Not sure about the croc’s! I am supposed to go to California in April to see my new grand baby and that may just have to change!

    • That would be sad but not worth taking chances. We cancelled Florida and are headed to Travis and Jessica’s today to hunker down away from people for who knows how long.

  2. great pictures and a good plan to go to Travis and Jessica’s – and I like that needle point reminder – stay safe and have fun 🙂

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