Tennessee-Part 1

We’ve been in Tennessee for a little over two weeks, hunkering down at Travis and Jessica’s house. We are so grateful for the kindness they are showing to us during uncertain times. While we don’t go out to grocery stores or restaurants, we have had a few opportunities to venture out into nature. Here are a few pictures of what life looks like for us.

The first week we were here, Travis took us out to one of the secluded off-road spots he knew about. John is always happy to throw a fishing line in.
The adventure included driving through the river. Then the skid plate came off on the road shortly thereafter. Boys!
Sunday church service with the Kiger’s best friends, Nic and Jaci, on guitar and singing. Yes, that’s how they spell their names.
Another outdoor adventure in a local state park. There were more people there than we anticipated but we stepped far off the trail when we encountered fellow hikers.
Evidence that spring is near.
Jessica got some baby chicks. It will be fun to watch them grow.
Homeschooling at its best. Papa trying to get an old lawnmower working and involving the kids.
Social distancing on a large lake. Travis drives fast!
Leipers Fork and the General Lee.
On our way to do some hiking along the Natchez Trace.

So if Trump is right, as a country, we may not see the peak of the virus for another two weeks! In the meantime, we are focusing on the blessings of this time with family and thankful for their gracious hospitality. And, although we take as many precautions as possible to avoid getting sick, we know that we are ultimately dependent on God for our physical health.

7 thoughts on “Tennessee-Part 1

  1. It is nice to see the pictures. Tennessee has some pretty areas. It will be all green in a few weeks when it warms up. How nice too for your grandchildren to be with their grandparents. Any luck with the lawnmower?

    Be well! Carol, Gordon too

  2. So happy to see this! What a perfect place to land during this. 🙂 Say Hi to the whole family. miss you guys and your visit is something I think of often BC. (before corona)

  3. Not a bad place to be hunkered down in. thank you for the updates like you I am so grateful for such loving and giving families we have been given.
    stay healthy and keep having fun. much love – Debbie

  4. Wow, I wouldn’t mind quarantining where you are ! We love TN… hoping to end up there someday! So glad you’re able to make some great memories with your kids and grandkids! Enjoy!

  5. Glad to see you guys are doing OK.. We are fine.. We got home the middle of March… Just in time to get incarcerated!.. We are lucky enough to live near some State Game Lands that we can hike and not see anybody..

    Take care, Joe and Meg

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