Social Distancing

So we drove over 500 miles and arrived at Travis and Jessica’s on Friday evening. We have a lovely camping spot in their backyard with campfire, chickens running around and free water and electricity. It feels good to live off of our kids!

Originally we were thinking we might be here for a few weeks until the virus blew over. Now, who knows how long it will be. I had a meltdown in the middle of the night, thinking about how long it might be and then decided I just wanted to go home. Travis, being so practical, talked with us about the risks of flying home or driving home. I wanted to go home. And then we watched the live stream from their church. We really felt like the worship and message lead us we to stay put. God had provided such a wonderful place to stay and we shouldn’t move.

Now that we’ve decided to stay, we are embracing it. We have enough food for a few weeks and Travis has a large stash because they were prepared but we are out of some things. Like milk, cheese, bacon (very important), produce and meat is getting low. Travis won’t let us go to the store. We either have to do pickup or delivery. We feel like we are on restriction. We think he’s trying to get back to us for all the times we put him on restriction when he was a teenager! All kidding aside, we are grateful for his protection of us. The two of them could not be more kind, caring, and loving towards us.

My first Walmart pickup order was cancelled completely. Today I ordered delivery from Target. We didn’t get any of the dairy (except for butter), eggs, cheese or meat that we ordered but we did get some of our order. John has plenty of snacks. It was like opening a Christmas present! Jess and I now feel like it is a rush to see what we can get from online ordering.

You probably won’t see many more posts for awhile because I’m guessing you don’t want to see pics of us reading, watching the news, or playing games with the grandkids. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy. This too shall pass and God is on His throne.

12 thoughts on “Social Distancing

  1. So glad Travis and Jessica talked you into staying there. People are going nuts in the grocery stores, costco, Sam’s. We are done going out too. Take care of yourselves. We listened to Mickey Klink for church sunday morning and he said he could imagine people sitting around with their families. Ha ha , we were In bed under the covers, it was 7:00am our time. Different Sunday morning. Be good while under restriction.

    • Doing church while still cozy in bed is a silver lining. Glad you are staying home too. We are being obedient “children” and doing everything we are told. Stay safe.

  2. We used to say “go with the flow”, life is as it should be. Enjoy the little things and please give all a big hug for us.
    Linda and Bruce

  3. I agree with Carol; glad you’ve found a comfortable place to settle until this blows over. And DO post photos and give us your impressions of rural life in Tenn., which I wouldn’t rule out as a move-to place one of these days. I imagine there are pretty places nearby for day trips, hikes, fishing, and picnics as the weather gets nicer. Your posts are never boring! xo

    • As soon as the weather improves, we will be getting out into nature. So far it’s been either very cold or rainy. Today is a rainy day. Stay safe and healthy!

  4. I too am glad you are there and staying with your far away family! You are so fortunate that you don’t have to be anywhere else and you have wonderful family who can take care of you! This is definitely God’s plan for you. The stress and chaos beyond where you are is stressful. Enjoy your time and do keep in touch with us.

  5. Diane and John, what a pretty place to hunker down and I’m so thankful that your kids are taking good care of you. I understand your temporary “breaking down” and wanting to go home. “There’s no place like home” but it is a blessing that you are living with your kids (same household) so you can BE together during this time. Our kids and grandkids are distancing and we are complying with that precautionary recommendation/order. So I’m experiencing “absence makes the heart grow fonder” but challenged to be creative in connecting.
    I’d love to go for a walk with you and chat. We will have a lot to talk about when you return. But until then, be wise, safe, and stay healthy.
    Carol McMillan

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