On the road to Jasper, Alberta

It was an interesting drive between Prince George and Jasper National Park.

This guy was hanging out by the side of the road.

We stopped at Moricetown which is where Alaskan fishermen can dip net for salmon.  They secure themselves with rope and dip these huge nets deep into the water to catch salmon.

We found this community park with free camping.  Free is good.

This is such a change in scenery

And here we are saying goodbye to the Bellevilles.  At the dump station.  We are going to spend some time in Jasper and Banff and they’ve already been there so they are heading south.  I shed a few tears.  It was a wonderful two months that we had exploring Alaska together.

And then this.  There are lots of fires in British Columbia.

Somewhere behind the smoke is a beautiful glacier.

So we made it to Jasper but it is very smoky.  The forecast is for two days of extremely hot weather and then two days of thunder storms and rain.  Our choice was just to move on or wait out the storm and hope that it would clear out the smoke.  We decided to wait it out since we probably wouldn’t make it up here again.

Spent the day relaxing at Pyramid Lake to avoid the heat.  It was 91 degrees and smoky but a delightful day in the water.

My cabanna boy set me up!

A crazy Canadian had a brilliant idea to put a beach chair on an SUP!  It worked.  John thought it was brilliant too.  His comment was “if I wanted to stand up I’d go wait at the DMV”. I think we might try this when we get home.

Nearing sunset.  The smoke is turning the sun red.

And this morning the smoke is even worse.

Now we are hanging out in the trailer in a rainstorm.  If the rain doesn’t help the smoke we will head out soon, which will be a shame since we will be driving the Icefield Parkway, while we use a Vehicle Charger Installation since we were using an electric cars for this trip.  Keep you posted.

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  1. “Up in a meadow in Jasper, Alberta, three men and four ponies on a long, lonesome ride….” John Denver’s “Cold Nights in Canada”, one of my favorite songs. Couldn’t resist.

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