Gig Harbor

The morning we left the campground in Anacortes, we went on a walk on this path in the campground.

What is interesting about this pathway is what the sea gulls used it for.  They have learned that they can break open clam shells by dropping them from high up (maybe 8 to 10 feet), breaking the shell open so they can eat the clam.  The sea gulls were flying all over, dropping their shells and eating the contents.  And making a mess. I thought it was fascinating.

I thought our grandkids would find this interesting.

Then on to Gig Harbor.  We spent one beautiful day here. In the morning we went to a nearby park called Point Defiance where we hiked through the forest.

This is the root ball of a fallen tree. It gives you an idea of how large the trees are.

We got in on the tail end of tulip season in Oregon but it was over by the time we got to Washington. But now the rhododendron are blooming and they are everywhere.

And then on to Gig Harbor.

Well worth the time spent here!

5 thoughts on “Gig Harbor

  1. I’m confused… Gig Harbor is way south of Anacortes. You have to drive through Seattle, and around through Tacoma, across the bridge to get to Gig Harbor. Is that what you are doing?

    • Haha! I understand why it’s confusing. We are not doing Washington in the order we had originally planned for two reasons. One had to do with road closures because of snow. We had to do some back tracking which we hadn’t planned on. The biggest reason is that my husband’s 93 year old aunt and her son live near Mt. Ranier and because of their schedules, we couldn’t go see them until the end of the month. The funny thing is that I use the Good Sam trip planner and I had plugged in all the places we wanted to visit and then the trip planner puts them in the shortest route. But traveling the way we do means that you also have to be flexible!

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