Coeur D’Alene to Lake Wenatchee

We had our choice to drive an Interstate or take a less traveled and longer road. Those of you have followed our travels know which one we chose. It was a beautiful drive.

This pic is especially for Selah and Duke, who take riding lessons but notice the gorge in the background:


Lake Wenatchee, just a short walk from our campsite:

I have more pics from our day today but I’m too tired to do more. Maybe tomorrow.  And one more thing. Heidi Mood, we didn’t go through the town of Wenatchee but from what we’ve seen, you grew up in a beautiful place!

4 thoughts on “Coeur D’Alene to Lake Wenatchee

  1. We leave Bainbridge Island on May 20 and our first stop is Lake Wenatchee! For three nights. Glad you to see your beautiful pictures. Now I’m really looking forward to it.

    • I wrote to you on the rving to Alaska site on fb with a tip for wanetchee and a question for you. Have fun!

  2. It is beautiful! I appreciate its beauty more now when I visit. It’s easy to take it for granted when you see it every day from the time you can remember! I was a few years old before I realized not everyone grows up on a major river – the Columbia – with beautiful lakes, trails, hunting and fishing not far away. Enjoy your stay!

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