Palouse to Coeur D’Alene

it was a beautiful drive from our camp along the Snake River to Coeur D’Alene. Our original plans did not include going to CDA but we were so close, we decided to go over the border and check it out since so many people seem to retire there.


Lake Coeur D’Alene:

The best part was having steamed mussels for lunch with a view of the lake. Basically, we were underwhelmed by CDA.

8 thoughts on “Palouse to Coeur D’Alene

  1. Thanks for posting pics of CDA… we have some friends who just moved there, and we too have heard of a lot of people moving there. We wondered what all the fuss was about!

  2. My brother just retired, sold his house in Carlsbad & bought a home there….also leaving California. They actually bought in Hayden, near Hayden Lake. Maybe it’s better I dunno…..

    • We have a couple friends who moved or retired to Hayden Lake, Idaho, and loved it there. The winters will be quite a shock for your brother from Carlsbad, I should think.

  3. From all your travel experience, we need to know where is the best State to retire? We may need to get out of this “Progressive” sanctuary State of Taxifornia!!

  4. Your photos of the Canadian prairie look a lot like Minnesota west of Minneapolis. So, if you’ve already seen that state, I can see why this part of Canada would be a been-there, done-that experience.

  5. Why were you underwhelmed by CDA? We are visiting Coeur D’Alene this summer and we thinking of driving into CDA, but may finding other sites to see and not CDA. We also will be staying in a campground on the lake.

    • First, all of us like different things so this is just our feeling about CDA. We drove for miles around the eastern side of the lake and it was all private property. No way to access the lake unless you were a resident. Just a little frustrating. As far as the town, the downtown was ok. The rest of the area had some rundown residential areas plus all the stores you would expect in a large town. Walmart, Costco, etc. It just wasn’t appealing to us. We much preferred smaller towns. But that’s just us. You my find other areas that we didn’t and ones that are more appealing to you. Hope you have a great vacation!

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