Remember the Alamo!

We spent the day in San Antonio, Texas, visiting the Alamo and exploring the River Walk. The Riverwalk was especially beautiful with all of the Christmas lights.

We took a city bus from the RV park to the downtown. Boy, are there some characters on there. It was culture shock for us suburban Californians who never use public transportation. But it was awesome to not have to drive in an unfamiliar city and try to find parking. It was a great day!




8 thoughts on “Remember the Alamo!

  1. Alamo is a great reminder of the sacrifices many people made that forged this great country. When I first toured the Alamo, I was amazed how small of a building it was. But the bravery and sacrifices that were made over 13 days in 1836 were enormous. Some combatants included David Crockett and Jim Bowie, who perished in the battle along with all other fighting men. Sam Houston eventually settled the score against the Mexican army. Great history! Ken

  2. The a River Walk is one of my favorite places…how special to see it decorated for Christmas! Do you guys travel every day or do you plan on planting yourself somewhere for a couple of days? It all sounds like great fun for a retiree! Where will you be seeing in the new year?

    • We are keeping our travel options open. We blew through Arizona and New Mexico because we can easily go back at a later date from California. We are spending three days in San Antonio and at least three in Austin. Other times we may just stay somewhere for one night if there’s not much of interest. Glad you are following us!

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