Happy New Years to all

We are hunkered down in the trailer in San Antonio, Texas, for the evening. It’s only 8:00 but the fireworks are nonstop. It will be a long evening for us old folks.

We had an interesting experience today. We drove to a park along the San Antonio river with the intention of riding bikes along the river trail towards the downtown. It’s a more undeveloped part of the river. When we parked there were no other cars or people around but as we were unloading the bikes a park police drove through. I flagged down the car and asked if it would be safe to leave our car with all our “stuff” in it. Answer: absolutely not! Turns out there are a lot of car break ins. The officer couldn’t recommend any other places to park that would be safe. Then she said for us to go on our bike ride and she would just stay and watch our car! An hour and a half later she was still there and said she had to chase off some kids who were up to no good. She used the time to do paperwork. Is that awesome or what? Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of us.

Pray you all have a blessed 2016.



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