Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

We’ve just been killing a few days near Galveston, Texas. Weather has mostly been pretty crummy but with a few bits of sunshine.

Taking the car and trailer on a ferry is always an adventure. And ferrys are free in Texas!
We’ve had some funky weather but John did catch some fish in the pond in our campground.
And then this, our last evening from our campsite!

We are on to a campground near Lafayette, Louisiana, tomorrow. We are hoping it is swampy. We love the swamps.

One thought on “Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

  1. Lots of great geography and history in Galveston. Building on barrier islands is always problematic but makes for such great pictures. Hurricanes in their past. There’s a great Tall Ship that you can explore. Houses on stilts, gentle sloping beaches….great food too. Looks like you’re having a great time.

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