On the Road!

Since leaving Seattle on Saturday, we’ve been on a mad dash towards Alaska. This part of the trip is about enjoying the scenery. There’s not a whole lot to stop and do, just miles and miles of scenic highway. The last three days we’ve mostly been without cell service so I finally have a chance to do a post which, of course, is a bit longer than I like to usually do. But the scenery has been so beautiful that it’s hard to edit and choose the most beautiful pics. Please excuse the length.

A few random pics from the drive.

The town of Chetwynd is known for its chainsaw art.  They are everywhere throughout the town but I liked these.  A guitar player and one that I know our grandsons would appreciate.  It’s hard to believe that these were made with a chainsaw. Boys, don’t try this at home.

Us at the beginning of the Alaska Highway!

More random road pics.

View from our campsite at Summit Lake.

We saw these dormitory style buildings along the way.  These are for the many workers along the highway, many from energy companies who operate there and also for the many road crews along the highway.  It made me think about what a sacrifice these men are making to support their families.  God bless them.

And we saw wildlife.

This is a Stone sheep.

We watched this guy, along with his companions, come down a very steep hill on to the road, bringing down rocks and dirt with them.  It was a sight.

And bison.  Bison think they own the road.

And hanging out with their babies.

And lots of black bears.

More road pics.

Muncho Lake.

Laird Hotsprings Campground.  Time for “repairs”.  Not sure if duct tape counts.  A rock shattered the window of the Belleville’s trailer.  Typical for the Alaska Highway.

Good times in the campground hot springs.  You just pick the place in the river that suits your heat tolerance.  It was awesome!

Then on to the Sign Forest in Watson Lake, BC.  The first sign was put up in 1942 and now there are well over 85,000 signs.  Pictures don’t do it justice. Of course, we came prepared!

And tonight we are staying in the Walmart parking lot in Whitehorse, Yukon.  It is quite a scene!

But can’t complain about free parking and this view from inside our trailer!

That’s it for now.  Probably looking at a few more days of no cell service.  By the time I post again, it will be from Alaska!











































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