Fun in Portage and Whittier

On our way from Seward to our next campground we stopped along the highway because the guys had axes to grind.  Axes to grind.  Get it?

Scenes from along the highway.


We went to the little town of Girdwood to do laundry.  It’s a cute, funky town. And the dryers were fast!  That’s a big deal when doing laundry on the road.

We took a day trip without the trailers into the town of Whittier.  To get there you drive through the longest (2.5 miles) highway tunnel in North America. It was the first designed to withstand -40 Fahrenheit temperatures and 150mph winds.   It’s a very narrow single lane tunnel which is shared by cars and trains traveling in both directions and they air it out between trips with jet turbine ventilation.   It’s a little scary not knowing exactly who is controlling the whole system (human or computer) and hoping you aren’t going to see a train coming toward you! This is the entrance to the tunnel.

Whittier is another cute town.

Campground moments. We were blessed by the most beautiful rainbows that we had ever seen.  Thank you, God, for the reminder of your promises.

This campground had a communal fire pit.  Every night the owners would start the fire and everyone was invited to come and hang out, roast marshmallows and get to know each other.  John and another camper played some music.  It start out with a few fellow campers and then as people heard the music, more and more came including a group of guys who are highway construction workers and actually live at the campground.  It was a fun time!  And there was a repeat performance the next night with a new group of campers.

So Alaska is not called the land of the midnight son for nothing.  20+ hours of daylight means we never see a sunrise or a sunset.  We are sleeping when those happen.  But we had to get up at 3am for Cindy and I to make a flight from Anchorage  to home. (Our two daughters and Mike and Cindy’s two daughter in laws are all in a wedding together.  We left the guys in Alaska to watch Oliver the dog and to fish.)  This was the sunrise as we drove from the campground to Anchorage.  It was about 4 am!

I’m hoping I’ll have lots of pictures of the guys fish they caught while we were gone for my next post.  As for me, I’ll be calling AAA to jump start the car (and, as it turns out, put in a new battery), go to doctor appointments, see most of the grandkids (they won’t care much that I’m home, they just want to see papa), do wedding stuff, and worship at our church on Sunday.  It will be a tiring, whirlwind trip but filled with lots of fun!  Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Fun in Portage and Whittier

  1. How was the drive from Washington to Alaska? The Al-Can highway used to be really rough, but I hear its quite “travelable” now. Thanks for the photos. Looks like a wonderful trip! Safe travels!

    • The drive was pretty good although there are sections of unsaved road with plenty of potholes. We just take it slow in those sections. Our friends did end up with a broken front window in their trailer due to a rock that got thrown up. Hope you guys get to go some time. It is spectacular!

  2. Love the rainbows! Let us know if you ever need a ride from John Wayne to Yorba Linda (or vice versa). Happy to help! Ken & Jeanne

    • You are so sweet! Thankfully, with Uber and Lyft, getting back and forth to the airport isn’t too big of a deal.

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