Columbia River Gorge & Mt. Hood

We’ve had fabulous weather the last few days!  Here’s a few pics from our travels along the Historic Columbia River Highway.

Some of the historic road is closed due to a fire last fall that was started by a 15 year old boy shooting off fireworks. We got to see most of the things we wanted to see which we are very thankful for.

Latourell Falls:

Bridal Veil Falls:

Multnomah Falls. The trail to the upper part of the falls was closed due to the fire but still a beautiful view.

Mt. Hood is visible from many places in the Portland area. From afar it is the only mountain with snow on it.

We drove up to the ski area at Timberline Lodge. It was so windy and cold but so beautiful. There were some disappointed skiers and snowboarders there since the wind was too strong to operate the chair lifts.

We drove on to Hood River which is a beautiful farming area. These pictures all have the other side of Mt. Hood off in the distance.

As we leave Oregon tomorrow here are some of my reflections on the state.

  1.  It is a beautiful state and we have loved seeing the diversity in God’s creation.
  2. It’s wet. Which is why it is so beautiful..
  3. There are wild blackberry bushes everywhere!  I wish we were going to be here in August.
  4. Apparently, Oregonians don’t like to make their own coffee. There are tiny drive through coffee places with long lines everywhere.
  5. They pump your gas for you. I think you aren’t even allowed to pump your own.
  6. No sales tax!
  7. They have roundabouts everywhere. I think we could learn something from them. They seem like a really efficient way to manage traffic.
  8. The locals have been very friendly.
  9. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it!

12 thoughts on “Columbia River Gorge & Mt. Hood

  1. I really love the Oregon people their way of life if the kids didn’t live so far away and if I could find a job I would have stayed glad you liked it too enjoy your next phase

  2. We drove the Columbia River Gorge last July; you have a huge advantage doing it at this time of year, as we could not park anywhere near Multnomah Falls. As always, your photos are lovely! – Jayne

  3. It’s too bad you couldn’t go to the Multnomah Falls trail. It is (or was) beautiful up top. We were there in the summer of 2014 and met a guy dragging a suitcase up the mountain so his girlfriend could have a picnic in style. You’ll love Washington too.

  4. Glad you got to drive the Gorge and see all the falls, including Multnomah. Looks like the bridge was repaired (there was a broken piece last time I saw it). My sister Nora lives up there (in Sandy) and her picture window looks out on Mt. Hood. Beautiful view. And yes, you are not even allowed to pump your own gas!

  5. Oregon is beautiful! (I’m fromPortland) We camped in Seaside a few years ago & love it.My Grandfather came to America to work rebuilding Astoria after it burned in early 1920’s, met my grandma & they married & lived there until moving to Portland. He worked on building Timberline Lodge doing many if the carvings as part of the Works Progress program during the depression. (TMI ).In Washington we like LaConner & San Juan Islands, Sequim, Port Townsend. Lot’s to see – Safe Travels!

    • That is an awesome story about your connection to this area. The Timberline Lodge was beautiful! I took pics inside so I need to go back and look at them to see if I can see the carvings!

  6. Was the skunk cabbage growing at the base of Latourell Falls:? We hiked all through that area sketching the flora for my college botany class. Latourell Falls was beautiful but stinky!

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