Leaving Texas 😢


On to Louisiana but here are some random thoughts on the great State of Texas:

From Diane: Having never been to Texas, I had my impressions of what the state would be like (flat, dry, backwards??). Boy, was I wrong. I loved Texas! Here are a few reasons why:

Cheap gas. Premium as low as $2.00/gal.

REAL country music on the radio stations. No Taylor Swift

The kindness of people. Like the lady on the city bus who
must have realized that we were tourists and told us
what bus to take back to the rv park without ending up
in a bad area of town. Or the policewoman
who guarded our car while we went on a bike
ride because where we were parked had serious
problems with car break-ins. And everyone waves at you
or asks “how ya’all doin’?”

The Hill Country

LBJ ranch

BBQ and country fried steak!

And last but not least, seeing long-time friends, the
Guerreros, the Johnsons, and the Thompsons.

Here are some thoughts from John:

What I liked:

Posted speed limit 80. This would have appealed to me more
20 years ago but is still bitchin.

A saying I saw: “I’d rather be a fencepost in Texas than
the king of Tennesee”. Can’t wait to get to Tennessee
to see what that means.

Six inches of snow on the ground driving through the most
boring part of Texas.

Being able to drive on the beach for miles.

Seeing longhorn steers.


Lots of road kill, but not a single armadillo.

7 thoughts on “Leaving Texas 😢

  1. We were in the Dallas/FT Worth area in August-September last year, to visit my brother Steve. It was hot and humid, nasty weather. We thought we would love Texas, but I could never live there because of the humidity.The people were polite (even in Walmart), and the gas prices were great. We visited three churches and liked them all. We also did not like the signage on the freeways. Glad you enjoyed your time in Texas. We may need to check out the southern part and see if we like it better.

  2. Hey John & Diane,
    I love the 80 miles an hour speed limit on. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun! Loving the news feeds Diane. Glad to see your comment John on your trip so far. Keep them coming.

  3. Hi John and Diane, I look forward to reading this every time I see it in my in box! Thanks so much for sharing your trip. It is very fun to hear and learn about things that I don’t know about!

  4. “That’s right you’re not from Texas,
    That’s right you’re not from Texas,
    That’s right you’re not from Texas,
    But Texas wants you anyway” – Lyle Lovett

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