On the road again……

Here are some pics showing the scenery from NOLA to Natchez, MS and on to the Natchez Trace Highway. Our original plan was to take the Highway all the way to Memphis. But we changed our itinerary and will now go to Tennessee and Kentucky from the east coast in the spring. Too cold now! We are going to drive up the Highway for awhile and when it gets too cold, heading down to Florida. We love not having reservations anywhere which gives us the freedom to go with the flow.
We try to stay off the interstates and instead take country roads. This is on the road from NOLA to Natchez, MS:
Camped next to the Mississippi in Natchez:
Mississippi overflowing into the campground:
Scenery on the Natchez Trace Parkway:

3 thoughts on “On the road again……

  1. My husband just retired in December and we are planning an adventure too. We also have a Lance 1685. I’m following your blog to inspire us and get ideas. Love that you take your time and are not scheduled. Oh watch the tires tread on the tires. We had 1 tire that really wore down and we had a blow out on Hwy 5 on the way to Disneyland. We are members of Lance Owners of America and some say it’s the tires that are cheap and others say it may be an alignment issue. Just an FYI.
    Have fun, we enjoy seeing your pictures.

  2. We really like taking state roads and not interstate highways and the freedom to change the route. Love your pictures.

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